midgard TYP 113

celebrating 100 years of midgard with a limited edition of 100 numbered pieces

midgard TYP 113 - available now as a limited edition


up from february 2020, the midgard TYP 113 can be ordered at midgard dealers, as well as the F.A.Z selection shop and directly here at the midgard-shop.

the TYP 113 is a hand manufactured masterpiece. every single part is produced in germany, by using original techniques and materials, such as nickeld pipe, enameld lampshade, an isolator out of porcelaine and bakelite socket with turning switch.

the socket is a 1930´s NOS part (new old stock) out of black bakelite with a turning switch.100 pieces have been stored over the years for beeing used in this very special anniversay edition.

as a specialist for bending pipes THONET could be won as a production partner for the TYP 113.
in the year 2019 THONET is also celebrating its 200 years anniversary, as well as 100 years bauhaus.

the TYP 113 is limited to 100 pieces, every lamp carrys it´s number at the head.

please find below a short video showing parts of the production-process of a TYP 113.

“we later envied the inventors of the midgard lamp’s arm. our lamps were adjustable too, but they simply weren’t as elegant.”


marianne brandt, bauhaus artist